The Fair Trade Logo

In 1997, Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) was established. This umbrella association is made up of three producer networks and twenty national fair trade labelling initiatives that promote and market the fair trade certification logo in their respective countries. These organizations exist in Europe, Canada, the United States, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

In January 2004, FLO was divided into two independent organizations: FLO International and FLO-CERT.

FLO International develops and reviews fair trade standards, assists producers with certification and helps develop market opportunities. Standards are developed and reviewed by the FLO Standards and Policy Committee. In the interest of transparency, FLO members, producer organizations, traders and external experts all participate. At the end of 2006, FLO International worked with two hundred and forty-one coffee producer organizations throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. More about Fair Trade Coffees.

FLO-CERT ensures that producers and traders comply with the FLO International Fair Trade Standards, that traders pay the fair trade premium to producers and that producers invest the benefits from fair trade into local development.

The independence of the inspections ensures that the fair trade minimum price reaches the producers and the fair trade certification mark is only used on products coming from fair trade certified producers.

Transfair Canada and TransFair USA are members of FLO.

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