Coffee Bean Types

Types Of Coffee Beans

Brian Roxborough from “The Mad Bean Coffee House” talks about the different coffee growing countries and the various type of coffee beans produced within their regions.

The medium roast – a blend of three countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Brazil.
The dark roast – a French roast blend of decaf. Decaf is roasted dark and it will have a strong flavor.
The third cup contains blend of two beans. One is Brazil’s pea berries, which are fruity, and the other bean is from Sumatra, which is chocolaty.

Coffee expert Mike Phillips of Intelligentsia Coffee explains which countries produce what types of coffee beans, and sheds light on what “shade-grown,” “fair trade,” “organic,” and other certifications mean.

Coffee Roasting Basics

Macro images of coffee beans at all stages of the roast process – from green coffee through a French roast.

Different types of gourmet coffee beans include Ethiopian, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Guatemalan, Italian, Columbian, Peruvian, Hawaiian Kona and Costa Rican.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Bean Types”

  1. what is the name of the coffee bean and the story behind the critter urinating on the bean and giving it it’s special flavor…refer me to a website or where to get the info…or just the name of the coffee bean…please and thank you

  2. Hello Vicki,

    I think you may be referring to Kopi Luwak coffee? (Kopi is Indonesian for coffee) This is the world’s most expensive coffee, at $300-500 a pound.

    This coffee does not come from a critter urinating on the bean, however, but rather from beans that have been digested by a small cat-like nocturnal animal called the luwak.

    They live on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. The luwaks eat the ripe coffee berries, and the beans pass through their digestive system undigested. The chemical reactions within the animal change the bean somewhat, resulting in coffee that is less bitter. The quality seems to be superb, probably because the luwaks select the ripest berries to eat. However, whether it is worth its price tag… People probably buy it because of the bragging rights that come with it ;o)

    Thank you for your question; we may be exploring the Kopi Luwak a little further in a future article.

    – Nardo

  3. We buy Coffee Bean French Roast for our office, but lately it taste different. Would you know why the flavor changed?

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