Two Main Varieties: Arabic and Robust

Coffee Beans only grow in tropical and sub-tropical regions. There are two main varieties: arabic and robust. Arabic coffee makes up three quarters of world production, requires higher altitudes and is deemed superior in quality. Robust is grown at lower altitudes, mostly in central and western equatorial Africa, in Southeast Asia and to a lesser degree in Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador. It is considered lower in quality but because it is more resistant to pests and climatic variations, it is easier to produce. Africa’s Ivory Coast is one of the world’s largest producers of robust coffee beans, used frequently in espresso blends. Vietnam also cultivates robust as well as highly productive varieties of arabic.

If you want to learn more about how the coffee tree conquered the world, then you will have to visit the section about the History Of Coffee. In this section we discuss some distinct coffee varieties, such as the Hawaiian Kona Coffee and the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

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